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The Hollywood SUPERHEROES™ Celebration

Recognizes multi-genre entertainment by focusing on action/adventure and science fiction/fantasy in film and television, as well as music and sports. The HHTs also consider pop culture and entertainment elements across virtually all genres, including animation, horror, and video games .

Founder's Story

Carlos de Abreu is an Internet pioneer, Hollywood Film Awards® founder and live events producer, and “New York Times” bestselling author (“Husband, Lover Spy,” and  “Opening The Doors To Hollywood”).

Meet the Team

The Hollywood Superheroes Tributes Advisory and Selection Team include Hollywood industry insiders and executives.

Carlos de Abreu

Founder & CEO

Producer, New York Times bestselling Author

Janice Pennington


Actress/Model, Producer, New York Times bestselling Author

Joaquim de Almeida

Advisory Committee


Star Wars shooting Harrison Ford

INDIANA JONES: Harrison Ford. Photo LucasFilm Ltd


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Photos courtesy HollywoodNews.com, PRPhotos.com, Lucas Films

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